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Sarah’s dream

For many years Sarah believed she would never have the kind of family photos that most parents took for granted. Sarah’s twin boys have autism. The quirky and unpredictable behaviours that can accompany that condition mean “you can’t just take them to the local studio and have them smile for the camera on cue: their mother explains. But Sarah’s dream of having family portraits taken came true when she met Bill from Essential Photography. Bill specialises in photographing families who have children with autism. “Sarah understood  that her sons were allowed to shine in their own way,” Bill said. Sarah responded , “He took pictures of my kids running with balloons in their hands, it captured their personalities perfectly!  What

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Essential Photography’s William Lamb is a Melbourne family photographer, providing a modern twist to maternity, newborn, baby, child, family and couples photography in his Ringwood studio as well as location photography in handpicked outdoor settings.