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3 reasons why baby photography is worth the price tag.

So, you’ve just had a child, a bouncing baby boy or a darling little girl, and you’re wondering whether or not you should pay for professional baby portraits. You’d love some nice pictures of your new bundle, but the price tag puts you off. You’ve a bevy of new expenses, everything from cribs and clothing to bottles and baby wipes. Adding another item to that list? Well, you’re simply not sure.

That’s understandable. But consider three reasons why professional baby portraits are  worth the time and expense.

For memory’s sake.

Childhood is possibly the most evanescent stage of development. Blink once, and the bald-headed baby shooting you a toothless smile transforms into a fuzzy-headed toddler with a gap-toothed grin. Blink again, and that toddler has shot up half a metre and is itching to try out for rugby. Sure, your child’s growth doesn’t always feel that rapid. Early infancy can seem like an endless series of dirty nappies and sleep-deprived nights, a period one can’t wait to finish. Yet as early twentieth century novelist W. Somerset Maugham noted, “Nothing in the world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it.” Life is truly a breath, a turn-and-you-miss-it proposition. What better way to memorialize the tears and triumphs than in pictures?

For beauty’s sake.

The rise of digital technology has radically changed photography. Two decades ago, amateur shutterbugs faced a bewildering world of chemicals and darkrooms and sepia-toned negatives. But the popularity of the digital camera means that anyone can have a high-quality portrait with the push of a button—or so many people think. Truth be told, current technology has made photography even more complicated. A professional photographer understands both classical technical matters (e.g. appropriate apertures, degrees of lighting, unique locations) and those posed by newer developments, such as how to digitally retouch shots. Additionally, many will use external hard drives or cloud computing to keep permanent backups of client projects, which means you never need to worry about faded pictures or brittle negatives. Anyone can take a snap of your infant, but only a professional photographer can offer you a personally edited portrait that’s also permanently preserved. The end result? Elegance and beauty. In wine terms, think of it as the difference between a bottle of Yellow Tail and Penfolds Grange.

For the sake of loved ones.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries—opportunities abound throughout the year for us to demonstrate affection for family members, and we often seek to do so through gifts. However, finding the perfect present is easier said than done, isn’t it? Shopping centres may teem with merchandise, and Internet ads offer goods from every corner of the globe, but too often such wares feel stale once the wrapping paper comes off. How can we offer unique and memorable gifts to the ones we love? Well, with professional baby portraits you can give something truly one-of-a-kind, a lovely moment forever frozen, so to speak. What’s more, many photographers can provide custom framing or design brag books, coffee-table albums and birth announcements. You get the idea: In the hands of a skilled photographer, you’ll find your imagination’s the limit when it comes to creative gifts for family and friends.

We all know that professional baby portraits don’t fall in the same category as food, water and shelter. But they do capture the best bits of our days and years, as well as the shining moments from our daughters and sons. They hold our memories, and it’s hard to put a price on those.

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