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An amazing head shot is Essential!

Are you in the eyes of the public?      if so… An amazing head shot is Essential! You have ONE chance to make a powerful first impression? Are you making the most of your profile building opportunities in social media? Are you missing out on opportunities because of your current headshot or lack of? It is now more important than ever to be seen in the best possible light. The more professional and approachable your head shot is the more likely the viewer will engage you and your services. Can your current head shot be improved Take our Head shot self evaluation test! Take a look at your best current head shot. Do you believe that your best current

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Family Life: Slow Down the Pace

Living life on the run is the norm for many families today. Often we try to cram as much into our day as possible, with back-to-back events and activities for ourselves and our kids. But taking time to relax and enjoy being together can help increase the quality of life for everyone in the family. Here are a few ways to slow down the pace, spend more time with your children and reduce stress for everyone. Small changes, big rewards 1. Walk, don’t drop. Instead of dropping off your child at the “drop-off zone” at school, park a couple blocks away and walk in together. This gives your child time to ease into the transition between home and school instead

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Why we help charities…

You wouldn’t think that fundraising and professional photography would have too much in common. But it’s the ultimate win-win for our studio….. Let me explain! There are so many different charities that need the support of local businesses to help them to raise much needed revenue. Revenue that allows them to continue doing the types of work that is needed so that they can help the wider community in a number of different ways. The main function for charity organisation is to direct donated funds or materials to those unable to afford them. Donating items to a charity enables people to assist those they may not be able to help otherwise, because of distance, culture or other elements of access.

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Spring is in the air! Time to get your family photographed outdoors.

Just the other day I was asked if I preferred photographing indoors or outdoors. There are pros and cons to shooting both. Indoor photography is favored by those who prefer to have control over their environment. It is also an environment that is available all year round. The con is that you have very little depth of field to work with. The studio can also be a little confronting for some because it is in a confined space. I prefer outdoor family photography over studio sessions, especially in spring. Spring is a sensational season to photograph families outdoors. It’s the time of year when the mornings are bright and fresh and the evenings extend out because of day light savings.

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