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Spring is in the air! Time to get your family photographed outdoors.

Just the other day I was asked if I preferred photographing indoors or outdoors. There are pros and cons to shooting both.

kids photographed while playingIndoor photography is favored by those who prefer to have control over their environment. It is also an environment that is available all year round. The con is that you have very little depth of field to work with. The studio can also be a little confronting for some because it is in a confined space.

I prefer outdoor family photography over studio sessions, especially in spring.

Spring is a sensational season to photograph families outdoors. It’s the time of year when the mornings are bright and fresh and the evenings extend out because of day light savings.

We shoot with a wide open aperture for shallow depth of field. That helps create a fantastic blurred out background. We photograph when the light is at its softest so that we can create beautiful soft portrait lighting. Children also love the freedom of being able to run, walk, hop and jump. They love exploring the environment which seems to be natural for children.

The outdoors offers so many different backgrounds. We are always looking for different textures that create interesting backgrounds. From rustic timbers, brick walls, to corrugated iron lined alley ways. We are also looking for backgrounds that give you perspective that gives us a sense of depth to the images.


We shoot with a wide open aperture for shallow depth of field. The result is a fantastic blurred out background accentuating what matters most: the people.


We try avoiding direct sunlight because it is harsh, which can make your subject squint, and creates hard directional shadows that makes exposures unpredictable and white balance conditions difficult.  We try to shoot on overcast days where the lighting is softer, there are no more harsh shadows. With proper exposure and white balance, you can make your subjects look amazing.  Clouds are a photographers best friend. They create a giant blanket of natural sunlight diffusion that makes your images look softer.

Don’t get me wrong, shooting outdoors can be very challenging especially in Melbourne, you have all the weather conditions to contend with as well as the bright harsh sun……. but we love a challenge!

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